Guidelines and Rules


1. Please bring all MEDICAL or DIETARY problems or concerns to staff.


2. Counselors are assigned to one group for the entire week & will be available at ALL times to assist your child and answer questions.

3. Bring a baseball glove with your name on it, but DO NOT bring any other valuables ie. Wallets, money, expensive hats, watches or collectibles.

4. We do not tolerate behavior or discipline problems. They will be dealt with in this manner. 1st OFFENCE- Warning  2nd  OFFENCE- Parents notified 3rd OFFENCE- Parents notified and camper removed from camp.

5. BLISTERS- Please send 2nd pair of socks EACH day. Also applying powder before putting on skates helps. PLEASE attend to blisters immediately by applying “SECOND SKIN” & send it each day.

6. We supply meals, drinks and snacks. We discourage students from buying treats & soft drinks during the day from machines.

7. We ENCOURAGE parents to attend the FRIDAY afternoon scrimmage and CHEER.